Monday, 18 December 2017

Caramelized Onions & Cheese Tart

If you love savory tarts for your lunch or for your dinner with less efforts, then you should check this super flaky tart. Yes its completely a super flaky tart as i used store bought puff pastry sheet as base for baking this easy and absolutely aromatic tart. To bake this easy breezy tart, just get ready with some already prepared caramelized onions, store bought puff pastry sheet and grated cheese. Top your puff pastry sheet with caramelized onions followed by cheese and thats all. Such an easy tart na, however if you dont get puff pastry sheet, you can simply prepare your usual tart crust at home. Simple to prepare, this tart makes an excellent meal to serve along with some salads. Extremely delicious, none will stop having this tart just with a slice.

Caramelised Onion Cheese Tart

Friday, 15 December 2017

Apple & Chocolate Chips Cream Tart

Tart is a open top baked dish prepared with a pastry base. The pastry base usually used for making a tart is always shortcrust pastry and the filling may be sweet or savory. But somehow modern versions of tarts do exists with biscuits, fruit-based or sometimes with custard. Most known tarts include Treacle tart, meringue tart, tarte tatin and bakewall tart. However some easy versions of tarts do exists, yes simple jam tarts are quite easy to bake and to enjoy if you have short crust pastry sitting in your fridge. Tart is one of our favourite dessert after a meal, especially when tart is prepared with fruits.

Apple & Chocolate Chips Tart

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Vegetable Cheese Galette

Galette, its a French name for round pastries, the crust of the galette can be either puff pastry sheet or else the buttery pie crust. Usually prepared with sweet filling, Galette can be prepared with a savory filling as well. Galette calls for simple pie crust and the crust can be prepared very much easily with simple ingredients. I usually prepare this pie crust at home, but this time i went with store bought pie crust as a packet of the pie crust was sitting in my fridge. Trust me this galette is super easy to bake, filled with lovely medley of colourful vegetables, this fantastic galette is definitely a healthy dish to fill some hungry tummies.

Cheese Vegetable Galette

Monday, 11 December 2017

Pumpkin & Sun Dried Tomatoes Pain D'epi/Pumpkin Wheat Stalk Bread with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Pain d'épi is known as the wheat stalk bread which calls for an impressive twist on the classic French baguette. Epi de Blé is the name given to the bread which looks like wheat stalk or the ears of wheat. This bread is often baked during special holidays and celebrations, this bread calls for an easy preparation and sounds almost like French baguette. Apart from cutting the dough to resemble as much as like wheat stalk, this bread calls for easy ingredients. Since its fall season here, pumpkins are showing their head in farmer's market. Obviously i want to try this famous French bread with those fall fruit.Pain d'epi is definitely a piece of art to shape and bake at home.

Pumpkin Pain D'epi With Sun dried tomatoes